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Last updated on June 11, 2021

1/3 active projects, 2 in the queue

(The queue is for commissions that I have accepted but not yet charged money for - more info under "Procedure" down below)

Hi there! I draw anime characters, almost exclusively female and usually all sorts of naked.

Price per character featured (max three):

  • $50 for closeup. Busts and face shots.
  • $60 for standard framing, as seen in the vast majority of my works. Minimum if you want the whole torso.
  • $70 for full body. Rule of thumb for what defines full body is that both feet are within the bounds of the picture.


  • $10 for each faceless male character interacting sexually with a primary character, with the first one being free of charge.
  • $10 for any number of tentacles (well, within reason).


  • Gradients, zoom layers, bokeh, voids and other not-so-complex abstract backgrounds are naturally free of charge.
  • $10 for simple scenery, like single pieces of furniture or oceans.
  • $20 for full scenery. I will draw scenery based on short, concise descriptions. Please do not approach me with paragraphs outlining the scene in every detail.

I will not draw:

  • Mirror images.
  • Futanari, bestiality, vore, inflation, and anything that involves blood or bodily waste.
  • For the time being, variants - different versions of the same picture with different clothing items or facial expressions.


  • Contact me. The best way by far to approach me is via Discord. You can always find me on my server. If Discord is not an option, contact me via PM here on Newgrounds, on DeviantArt, or on Pixiv.
  • After we agree on the details of the assignment, it's entered into the queue. If I have too many active projects at the moment, it will have to linger there until a slot becomes available.
  • When I'm ready to begin working on the assignment, I will send you a PayPal invoice.
  • I get creative. If you're on Discord, I'll show you sketches and await your approval before inking and coloring.
  • The final artwork is submitted to my galleries on Newgrounds, Pixiv, DeviantArt (if its not too naughty), Twitter and Patreon. Commissions will be released on Patreon in full resolution for free. You will be credited as the commissioner unless you choose to be anonymous.

Final notes:

  • The queue, despite the name, is not first-in-first-out; I will do jobs in the order that I find the most suitable. I will try my best to not let anything sit in it for more than two weeks. You may of course withdraw from the queue at any time.
  • If something happens that makes me unable to finish the job, I'll let you know as soon as possible and refund your money.
  • If you find errors in the finished art (things that clearly depart from what was specified in the assignment), point them out me as soon as you're able to and I'll correct them.
  • Satisfaction is not guaranteed and there will be no refunds on that basis.

Any questions? Ask them in the comments below! Thank you! <3